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Shenzhen, Jinchengtong Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. was established at Shenzhen Qianhai in October 2015. Its main business includes steel-bulk transport, warehousing, and distribution . The company always focuses on improving customer service quality continuously , and it will continue to optimize the network operation mode and the efficiency. With the help of information technology innovation and support, the company provides customers with modern steel logistics services, which is unified the logistics, information flow and capital flow together, efficient, safe and accurate.

Jinchengtong Team


Logistics Service

Jinchengtong Team


Logistics Service

Service concept : To increase the added value of the goods, with the best professional services.

  • 1、 Steel and metal storage : In cooperation with Shenzhen Haixinggangkou Development Co., Ltd. (Mawan bay), with 30,000 square meters of outdoor standard steel warehouse (supporting 10 t crane, 30 tons of line hanging), and 3000 square meters indoor steel warehouse (30 ton crane), the storage capacity of 80,000 tons. It can be able to undertake construction steel, rolled steel, steel and various metals warehouse.

  • 2、 Steel distribution : Company team has 25 units heavy duty flatbed , 7 dump trucks , 41 external link vehicles . Be able to undertake steel and heavy goods transport and delivery in the Pearl River Delta region, and its daily freight volume can be up to more than 8,000 tons.

  • 3、 Steel handling : The company has two sets of 50 tons handling crane ,7 sets of dump truck with a crane. Be able to undertake large, heavy machinery, steel handling and short-distance transport operations. In addition, it can help agent lifting capacity of 500 tons of ship operations. Service to all types of subway construction projects, as well as the heavy goods of the ship loading and unloading operations.

  • 4、 Pledge of steel pallets : The company has good relationships and credit with major domestic steel traders and major banks. And it can be able to supply mortgage loans and monitoring of pallet business for steel providers.

  • 5、 Shipping agent services : Including domestic container, foreign trade containers, internal trade bulk chartering, bulk trade charter.

  • 6、 Assembly and disassembly container operations : The company has a skilled team of steel devanning. Be able to undertake such devanning business like rebar, large rolled steel, all types of materials, steel components, and semi-trailer in the South of China region. Be able to keep customers from such troubles like claims from shipping companies and consignees due to the cabinet damage or cargo damage during shipping.

  • 7、 Steel bonded business : The company has good relations of cooperation with Dongguan Shatin Free Trade Zone and Qianhai Bonded Logistics Park. We can provide customers with: free trade zone warehousing, day trip to Hong Kong or free trade zone, and other related bonded business.

  • 8、 The steel import & export agent : The company has the right to import and export of all kinds of steel, we can provide declarations certificates and tax settlement services for steel traders who with no right to import and export rights.

  • 9、 Steel port handling agent : We have a good relationship of cooperation with major port terminals in South China region ( like Shekou, Mawan port and Huangpu old and new port, Nansha wharves, grain terminal in Nansha, Jiujiang Dingan Pier, etc), to provide customers with good port agency services.

  • 10、Steel information consulting services : The company has good relations of cooperation with major domestic steel professional website, and we own many information,such as docks and warehouses of steel inventory information, sales information of various steel products in the South of the main zone, the main ports of arrival number of steel and other major databases, to provide customers with the required advisory information services.

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