Shenzhen Welmetal Investment Development Co., Ltd.


Shenzhen Welmetal Investment Ltd.( Hereinafter referred to as "Welmetal") is a metal-based materials industry, which is involved in the custom fashion Internet +, great health and other areas of ESOP Type diversified investment company. Welmetal, formerly known as Guangdong Huamei Group Limited , which is one of the first Sino-foreign joint ventures in China. Since the 1980s, Guangdong Huamei has a great reputation in this area for its high quality steel products and integrity management. It has provided a large number of high-quality building materials for Shenzhen Airport, Diwang Tower, international trade building, Civic Center, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Longgang Grand Canal Center Shenzhen Bay Sports Center, Shenzhen subway and other landmarks and major infrastructure projects. Welmetal made its due contribution to the development of the SAR . Especially since the establishment of Welmetal in 2014, it has become a leading provider of metal materials by hard work in product structure optimization, logistics support, financial services and many other sides from a traditional steelmaker.

Company qualification:

2015 top hundred companies in China

2015-2016 year integrity of excellent steel trade enterprises of Guangdong province

Metallurgical products physical quality of Gold Award

Company vision :

The company will rely on the core team, with more than 30 years of industry experience and accumulated resources in the field of metal materials, continue to provide our partners high-quality products and services, and actively layout Internet + in industry, aims to become the metal industry value chain integration of the Pearl River Delta and the Southeast Asia.