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Welmetal regard the quality as an important guarantee of survival and development, and advocate broad views of the quality, and comprehensively improve product quality, service quality , staff quality and enterprise quality. In the minds of Welmetal, product quality and service quality are the guarantee of customer satisfaction, and the guarantee of product and service related to employee quality and enterprise quality. And honesty, responsibility, profession is important evaluation criterion about staff and enterprise quality. In addition, employees who are with good quality means excellent professional qualities and skills, and an enterprise with good qualities means excellent management efficiency and social responsibility. That means the Welmetal group requires to be valid to establish "quality" security system, starting from the excellent staff quality and enterprise quality, with excellent productsand services, to win the market, with the brand "Welmetal".

Company's quality, occupational health and safety management objectives

According to the basic principles of quality management - process approach, the company's quality management system is divided into the following four processes:

  • 1.Management duties

    This process determines the company's quality policy and objective, documented; establish the company's quality organization, clear relationship; specify the responsibilities, authorities and relationships for those staff who are related to quality organization, implementation and testing;clear the company's fundamental goal is to achieve and enhance customer satisfaction.

  • 2.Resource management

    Human resources, production facilities are the guarantee of effective operation of the quality management system, which is the basis of product realization, this process manage and control for both resources .

  • 3.Product realization

    The process by planning of product realization, customer-related processes, design and development, procurement, production and service provision, control measuring and monitoring devices, effective control the various factors and aspects that may affect product realization, in order to achieve product quality objectives and requirements.

  • 4.Measurement, analysis and improvement

    This procedure provides internal audit, monitoring and measurement of processes, product monitoring and measurement, nonconforming product control, analysisof data, corrective and preventive measures to manage content and requirements,to meet customer requirements and achieve continual improvement requirements.

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